journal assighnment.

Journal Assignment

For this assignment; visit the website “Room For Debate”.

The URL is

This site addresses current event issues, inviting some of the smartest of the smart to discuss these issues from multiple points of view. These articles (or forums) are short, and they are easy to get through. Pick an article that appeals to you. Read it, and consider the various points of view regarding the topic. Then, decided where you stand. What I am looking for here is your ability to look at multiple perspectives of an issue. If you have a firm opinion on the subject, tell me what it is and why. It is also alright to be somewhere in the middle. You don’t have to stand firmly on one side or the other. In about 150 words tell me which article you looked at, what it was discussing, what the different sides of the argument were, and how you feel about it. ( only 150 words)

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