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jassem project

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Writing Up Assignment 1: Project Report

You are required to write a 2000 word project report which critically evaluates your project outcomes in relation to the module themes and topics. The Project Report should describe the project aims and intended learning outcomes and the methods you have selected, and evaluate key findings or outcomes. You should clearly explain any final recommendations and conclusions you have formed as a result of undertaking this project.
Project Report: preparation and planning
You may find it useful to plan your report structure using the following headings:
1. Introduction
o Introduce your project aims in relation to the module themes and study topics.
o Explain your reasons for choosing this project and what you hope to learn by undertaking your project.
o Clarify any key questions that you intend to address through your project.
2. Background
o Clarify any key themes and/or principles which underpin your project aims.
o Provide relevant information and references to contextualise your project and approach.
3. Methods/Innovation
o Describe your approach and explain your reasons for choosing specific project methods.
o Explain your reasons for adopting or testing any new and/or innovative methods and approaches.
4. Results
o Present any key information and results generated during your project.
5. Discussion and Analysis
o Analyse and discuss your project results and findings in relation to your project aims and the module learning materials.
6. Conclusion and Recommendations
o Summarise your key project aims and outcomes and explain how you have formed your own conclusions and opinions as a result of undertaking this project.
o Describe any recommendations you would suggest for improvements to current and/or future professional practice, thinking and approaches as a result of your learning.

Writing Up Assignment 2: Reflective Essay

Write a 1500 word reflective essay on your learning achievements in relation to the module and your participation in it.
o You should reflect critically upon how your knowledge, thinking and practice have progressed throughout the module, and the wider programme.
o Evaluate how undertaking your self-directed project has affected your professional practice and your personal opinions and judgements.
o You may find it useful to draw on any questionnaires you completed earlier in the module, and any regular reflective writing in your personal journal.
Many students can find reflective writing challenging, as it requires an honest, critical and objective look at your own practice, opinions and approach to study. Writing regularly in a reflective learning journal during each module will help you to capture important information and insights which you can use when writing your Reflective Essay.
Reflective Essay: preparation and planning
Writing a Reflective Essay is an individual process. The structure should be clear and logical, and the writing style should be personal, honest, reflective and evaluative.
You may find it useful to follow these four phases of reflection (adapted summary of Jennifer Moon’s model of critical reflection in Reflection in Learning and Professional Development Kogan Page; 1999):
Phase 1: Develop awareness of your current practice
Reflect critically on your current working practice or expertise with reference to this project and your learning.
Phase 2: Clarify new learning and explain how it relates to your current knowledge
Reflect critically on what you have learned on this module/course that could improve your working practice or teaching.
Phase 3: Integrate new learning into your current practice
Reflect critically on how your new understanding and learning relates to your past knowledge, previous practice and/or teaching.
Phase 4: Imagine your improved practice
Consider how you might change your practice as a result of your learning. How will your performance change and improve as a consequence of your learning?

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