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EBP has become an expectation for nurses and health care providers to provide quality patient care. Nurses must access a great deal of information via electronic resources to stay well informed and up to date, limited access to evidence-based information is a barrier to research in the clinical setting, especially in remote areas. A curriculum that encourages technology advancement and use will include such devices in the classroom and clinical settings, mobile devices, tablet computers, handheld computers, smartphones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

To teach with technology allows the use of devices to support clinical decision making and connect learning by allowing easy access to an array of information online in the classroom or clinical setting.

Self direct learning allows the student to learn at his/her own pace based on their learning style and abilities. This reduces time spent learning to use a specific equipment in the clinical setting, instead the individual is able to practice beforehand and is able to seek assistance during the learning process.

As a life long learner and a future nurse educator , it is imperative to stay abreast of the evolving nursing environment. The enhancement in technology encourages us to change our methods of teaching and also learning. New technology allows for a change in the delivery of patient care from a task driven environment which produces nurse burn out to one where computerized documentation allows more time spend at the bedside caring for patients.

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