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Use the prompt below to develop a thesis for your essay. State your argument
clearly and support it with persuasive interpretations of evidence from the text.
It is a 7-page essay (double-space, 12-point font, 1” margins, with an original title
but no title page). Cite sources according to MLA conventions and include list of
works cited. The due date is Wednesday, September 25.
Both Paredes’s George Washington Gómez and Anzaldúa’s Borderlands are texts
rooted in the political economy of the south Texas border region. Nevertheless,
each text gives us a distinct representation of a transnational subject that must
negotiate within the racial, economic, cultural, linguistic, and sexual borderlands.
Write one comparative essay in which you analyze the transnational (or border)
subject in George Washington Gómez and Borderlands. For example, how does
Gualinto’s “checkerboard” of consciousness differ experientially and conceptually
from what Anzaldúa calls “mestiza consciousness”? How do race, class, language,
and gender factor into borderland subjectivity in each text?

Use these two books .. George Washigton Gomez by Americo Paredes
Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldua
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