IT Project Management Read the below; “GenRays Case Study”

IT Project Management

Read the below; “GenRays Case Study” before completing this task.


GenRays recently implemented a new centralized system for finance, purchasing, logistics, and accounting. This system has provided cost savings and other benefits to the company. Management expects that similar business benefits would be possible with a new centralized Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which would include payroll functions.

Currently a rather primitive payroll system is used, and small teams have been deployed to work in each company location to support local payroll and human resources functions. The proposed HRIS would replace this primitive one.

GenRays management has asked you to act as the project manager and lead a project team to put together a plan for the HRIS project that will allow senior executives to determine whether they should proceed with the implementation of a new centralized HRIS. If the plan is approved, the executive sponsors indicate that you may begin implementing the approved plan after W2s are issued in the new year, but all system elements must be functional before year-end closing.

A. Complete the attached “GenRays Matrix Template” to document the project management tools that would be most useful for the HRIS project.

B. Complete the attached “GenRays Project Charter Template” for the HRIS project.

C. Complete the attached “GenRays Project Scope Document Template” for the HRIS project.

D. Create a WBS Dictionary for the HRIS project that includes the following lists:
• Work item definitions
• Work item sequencing
• Labor resource assignments for each work item
• Work item durations

E. Create a scheduling report for the HRIS project that includes the following:
• Gantt chart
• Critical path

Note: You may use the attached “GenRays Critical Path and Project Schedule Planning Tool” as a resource to help create your scheduling report for the HRIS project; however, your submission to TaskStream should not include the planning tool document. Your reports may be generated through a project management software product.

F. Discuss the implications of your decisions in parts D and E on the successful completion of the project, including the given points:
• How the decisions were made
• How the decisions affect project implementation
• An analysis of the problems and recommended a solution
• How the project manager will focus attention on identified problem areas
• An analysis of the project plans


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