IT Management Issue : Analysis & Evaluation

IT Management Issue : Analysis & Evaluation
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6-Ten is a convenience Store chain (franchise) is re-thinking how it will operate in the near future. It is currently having some serious issues to deal with due to reputational losses and pressure to start paying its workers fair wages. The problems they are facing are similar to the problems discussed in this article ( It is clear that it is time for a change and technology is going to be instrumental in making the change happen!

Question 1 (1000 words)
Write a well presented report that focuses on effective use of BIS/BIT. Do not use any trademarked restaurant name in your report. In your report, propose and discuss in detail 3 unrelated business information systems/technologies that could be used to improve use of efficiency of 6-Ten’s business operations. Your discussion should be tailored to the specific needs of the 6-Ten!
Question 2 (1000 words)
In the light of the changing nature of the business environment 6-Ten Management is considering its business operations to allow online ordering and delivery. Advise board of directors of the options available to make it happen.

This task meets Learning Outcomes 3 & 4:
Students will :
be able to analyse the efficiency of information delivery and manage the information and Information Systems;
be able to evaluate information capability and delivery options.

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