Is the use of stem cells safe and would you want to try a procedure?


Inquiry-driven Research Paper

Develop a research question that drives a research project. From that research, write a paper. This makes your paper an inquiry-driven research paper, and it should be approximately ten pages in length, with 10-12 sources, half of which must be AIP (available in print). You may substitute a primary research source for one of those five secondary print sources.

The paper will be in MLA or APA format, using no less than 10 total sources, five of which must be AIP/ textual sources—periodicals, books, newspaper articles, etc, available in print. (You may use as many purely virtual sources as you wish to supplement those textual sources, but the fewest textual sources you should use is still four.) Your sources must be of the highest possible quality, which means that more than one or two general reference texts (encyclopedias, Wikipedia, etc.) are not to be used, and if used at all, such general reference sources should not be cited more than once. Use as few tertiary sources as possible in your research.
I have attached my prospectus and two other papers from earlier this semester.

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