Website Article Evaluation: Diet Trends (10 points)
1.    This activity is designed with the intention of facilitating the development of your skills in evaluating nutrition-related information.  You will also be drawing upon knowledge gained throughout the readings and discussions regarding energy balance and weight loss, foundations of a healthful diet as well as macronutrient and micronutrient needs.
a.    Read the article “Evaluating Health Information” at the following link:  The article discusses guidelines that are helpful for assessing the credibility and accuracy of health and nutrition information online.
i.    Other helpful resources include: Controversy 1 on p. 24- 30 in the text, Controversy 7 p. 279-285 in the text, Controversy 10 p. 414-420 in the text.
b.    After reading the article above, evaluate the following website article at using the criteria mentioned in the UCSF article above.  The article specifically linked is titled:  “You Asked: Should I go Paleo?” at .
c.    Write a short essay-style evaluation considering these questions (approximately 1 page – typed in a Beachboard Dropbox supported file type, font size 10-12 pt, no greater than 1” margins, no excessive use of white space). Must include at least 1 credible reference, such as the textbook or journal article, not including the website being evaluated above.  The reference must be cited in-text and at the end of the text in APA style: .
i.    Is the information credible? Discuss at least 2 factors that make it credible or not credible.
ii.    Is the information accurate?  Discuss at least 2 factors that make the information accurate or inaccurate.
iii.    Are there any red flags? Discuss the red flags you observed, if any, while reviewing the article/website.
iv.    Would you recommend this information as a credible and reliable source of high quality nutrition information?  Why or why not?

2.    Submit your typed evaluation to me via Dropbox on Beachboard by the due date on the Course Schedule.

3.    Your evaluation will be graded on the following criteria:
•    Demonstrates reflection, critical thought, and learning beyond just summarizing the text. (In other words, I do not want you to simply tell me what the article was about. I have reviewed it, so I know. I want to see you utilize your critical thinking and analytical skills to critique this article given the information gained throughout this course).  (Grading scale 0-3 pts with 3 being best and 0 being inadequate)
•    Utilizes knowledge obtained from class discussions, text, and/or other readings to support evaluations. Included at least 1 credible reference properly cited using APA style guidelines.(Grading scale 0-3 pts)
•    The conclusions/implications go beyond the boundaries of the classroom and show some initiative in exploring the learning opportunity.  (Grading scale 0-3 pts)
•    Other:  spelling/grammar, organization, clarity, followed directions. (0-1 pt)
o    Beachboard Dropbox supported file types can be found here:

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