Introduction to Business


Be sure you cite sources using Chicago-Turabian format and include a bibliography.

Physical Distribution Process
This week you learned about distributing products. For this discussion, you will apply what you have learned to the firearms industry.

Part One: Please review the following resources:
Summary of State and Federal Machine Gun Laws By: Veronica Rose and Meghan Reilly

History of Federal Firearms Laws in the United States

Shipping firearms, rules and restrictions per agency/company: 1) USPS, 2) UPS, and 3) FedEx (follow each separate link).

Types of Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Part Two: Please answer the following:
What are the requirements for transporting firearms from a manufacturer to a dealer? How can firearms be shipped? (What options are available?) What must a manufacturer and dealer do to protect its firearms inventory?

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