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Interview five friends or family members that are parents and/or guardians of a young child. Address the following:
How much do you value literacy in your child’s life?
Describe your daily reading and writing activities alone as well as with your child.
Share your last book sharing experience with your child.
In what ways do you engage your child in the reading?
Share ways you encourage your child to explore early literacy.
How do you respond to your child’s questions and engage your child in conversations? Give specific examples.
What are ways your child attempts to draw or write and how do you encourage these behaviors to be explored?
Include two additional interview questions relevant to family literacy and student success.

1000 to 1250 WORD
Summarize the interview responses use them to answer to following:

What did you learn from the interview responses?
How will what you learned affect your future classroom?
How will what you learned affect your interaction with families of young children?

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