Interviewing a registered nurse(reflective essay)

1.Why did you choose nursing as a profession?
2.What was nursing school like for him or her?Ask them:
-How they managed and balanced work,family and life and the difficulties
-The level of commitment to school required to be successful(hrs.required for studying,social life,workload etc)
-What their clinical and lab experiences were like
-How they prepared for examinations and the NCLEX
3.Descride their top three patients memories and why they are memorable
4.What does the phrase “nurselife”mean to this nurse?
5.What is the hardest thing about being a nurse?
6.Reflect and discuss what your thoughts are about the interview.Did the interview change your perspective on
nursing,on nursing school life?(no the interview did not change my perspective)
In asking the above questions,be sure to ask your nurse to be specific and provide examples and
stories.Please do NOT use any identifying information(i.e,names,relatives,etc.)about any patients discussed
during the interview in your essay.For each question limit your answers to no more than 2000 characters(per
question). The essay must be Typed and should be singled spaced.

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