interview questions

Part 1 -(5 marks) the development of a set of interview questions (10 open ended questions “can you describe….” – avoid direct yes/no questions “do you work in purchasing”)
Part 2- (5 marks)set up an interview date with someone who does purchasing for a living and interview them with your question set
Part 3- (10 marks) use the interview information (which is your primary research data collected from the interview questions) collected to write a paper on purchasing as a vocation. You will also use Secondary Research collected from journals, library, and other articles should be used to support your work.
Submit a completed paper by the due date (Feb 15th at 11:59 pm) to the assignment tool provided
All 3 parts are due with this electronic submission. Only a printed version is submitted at a later date.
(approximately an
?-5000-? 6000 Word count – 8 to 10 pages or so including your Q&A)
The prof told us we should do it with someone who does purchasing, she told us to go within the college and find some people do purchasing to interview them. Later, she told us that if we can not find any, then we can do it with someone abroad. As a result, this will help us to make things up, let’s say we do it with someone in somewhere and let say he does purchasing in x country, and keep making things up as if it was real.
However, the prof has asked for three parts all in requested words 5100 words, there will be questions and answeres, I don’t know, you know better.

Anyways, please no more than 10 pages, single space. Also, please follow the instruction carefully as I need to get the full mark


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