intervertebral disc disease

intervertebral disc disease

Describe in detail possible signs and symptoms in a patient that has intervertebral disc disease versus a musculoskeletal disorder. How would the treatment vary between the two disorders?

Assignment 3: Mini Case Study
A 36-year-old man presents with low back pain since the past two weeks. He reports that it came on while he was lifting a heavy object. Since that time, the pain has been intermittent and is located in the lumbar area of his spine.

Patient 1
Developed a care plan for a patient diagnosed with migraine headaches and included a daily headache log that listed some potential triggers for migraine headaches.

Listed two commonly prescribed medications for migraine headaches and stated their mechanisms of action and potential side effects.

Patient 2
Compared and contrasted the signs and symptoms of intervertebral disc disease and musculoskeletal disorder with reference to the given case.
Discussed the difference in treatment modalities between intervertebral disc disease and musculoskeletal disorder.
Patient 3
Developed a patient-education plan that stated the difference between major depression and bipolar disorder.
Stated the difference in treatment between major depression and bipolar disorder and provided family education material

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