Intervention Selection and Implementation Assignment


Intervention Selection and Implementation Assignment
By this time you have researched several possibilities of interventions based on your client’s needs, cultural considerations, and treatment goals. Choosing a specific
intervention is critical when determining the most effective, safe, and productive method possible for client success and treatment outcomes. As you have studied and
reviewed several possible intervention options, you have likely identified one in particular that would be most beneficial to your case study.
specific intervention is cognitive behavioral therapy to treat bipolar disorder

provide details into their intervention selection and how they will specifically implement them into their chosen case study.Area I – Introduction (5 points)1. Provide a brief overview of your chosen intervention.2. Provide the name of the intervention.3. Provide a brief history of the intervention and how/why it was developed.4. What is client populations the intervention designed to help?Area II – Selection Process (10 points)1. Describe the process that you used to select your chosen intervention.2. Explain how you began looking for this particular type of intervention?3. What resources did you use?4. What gave you the initial idea to look for this type of intervention?5. Why do you feel the chosen intervention is the best fit for your client (remember to include a focus on cultural considerations, and the client’s unique needs
and situation).Area III – Implementation (10 points)1. Describe a detailed plan on how the chosen intervention will be implemented with your case study.2. Is this considered to be a short-term, intermediate, or long-term intervention?3. Describe the steps that you will take during the intervention process to ensure that it remains a safe, ethical, mutually agreed upon, and effective choice for
your client.4. How do you plan to introduce your client to the chosen intervention?5. Discuss the plans you will implement for proper termination?Area IV – Treatment Goals (5 Points)1. Based on the hypothetical discussion with your client, describe the measureable treatment goals that will best monitor your client’s progress?2. How were these goals chosen?3. Discuss how effective you believe you will be in helping the client choose these treatment goals?4. Provide a minimum of three mutually-agreed on treatment goals and briefly explain the plan for each.Area V – Conclusion (5 Points)1. Briefly, summarize your anticipated outcome with the client.2. Explain why you believe this intervention will have the greatest outcome based on your client’s needs.Area VI. – Quality & Format of Writing (5 points)1. Write a paper limited to no more than 3-5- double-spaced pages (a guideline) using Times New Roman 12 point font.  Please include scholarly sources if relevant
to this assignment.2. You must use APA style, including double-spaced. This paper is to be written in APA format with appropriate running head, page numbering, title page (which
does not count towards the length of the paper), academic citations and references for this paper.3. It is essential that headings and sub-headings are included in this assignment as this is an APA requirement

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