Interpersonal Conflict

Interpersonal Conflict

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1:Interpersonal conflict

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interpersonal conflict 9th edition (Hocker and Wilmot) Chapter 1

Write a reflection that connects your personal experience, thoughts, observations,
values, or views to the reading. The focus of the journal entry should be on your personal
experience, but there should be a clear and specific connection to the chapter reading (including
page references).use one idea/concept from the chapter (or a small
cluster of ideas/concepts) to make sense of your personal experience or observations. Use this
assignment to deepen your understanding of conflicts in your life (either ones you are participant
to, past or present, or ones you have observed of other people in your life). Reflection should be at least one page (double spaced, one-inch margins, Times New
Roman 12-point font

2: The English Novel

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Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice.

Ann Radcliffe. The Romance of the Forest.

D.H. Lawrence. “The Captain’s Doll.”

George Eliot. Silas Marner.

Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre

Using Powerpoint, create a presentation of at least 10 slides in which you address (in order) the folllowing topics:

1. Your first five slides need to comment, in turn, on each novel or novella. Comment directly on the text and its place, as you see it, in the development of the
novel. Comment on the relationship between texts too, either as I have done, or in some other way you see as appropriate. (5-8 slides)

2. Create at least two slides in which you consider the significance of gender, particularly its depiction, in the English novel. Each text in the subject should be
addressed. (2-5 slides)

3. Genres. Look up the following terms, and make a slide about one of them: Bildungsroman, Gothic romance, reatlist novel, socialist realism, modernism, Romanticism.
Make links – or contrasts – with texts in our text set. (1-2 slides)

4. Styles. Pick two passages of writing which you particularly were struck by, or liked, and cite a couple of lines from each. Comment then on the ways in which styles
of writing changed across the period we have surveyed. (1-2 slides)

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