International transport

Question 1 A Tasmanian rock lobster exporter plans to export 10 tons of lobsters to South Korea in the 2021-2022 season. The export will be divided into 20 shipments with each about 500 kgs.
a) Propose the most suitable transport process with justification to move Tasmanian rock lobsters from fishing boats in Tasmanian coast to supermarkets in South Korea.
b) Discuss, from a transport and logistics perspective, the key factors affecting the quality of Tasmanian rock lobsters on the shelves of supermarkets in South Korea.
Question 2 Using relevant information from your country of origin, complete the following two tasks:
a) Identify and discuss two major negative social and/or environmental impacts caused by road transport in your country of origin.
b) Discuss how the negative impacts identified in part a) above can be reduced. You should include any measures that have been (or are currently) taken to reduce the negative impacts.

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