International Project Management

Order Description

You are assigned to Project Team, the project is the following:
Opening a master franchise of Princi (
in Frankfurt, Germany.

As a member of a team you are assigned of one distinct area of research to undertake as follow:
Introduction – this should be relatively short detailing the general academic theory about the triple constraints of scope – time – cost, the golden triagle (scope, cost, time) and why all this is crucial in Iternational Project Management.
Conceptualisation – the chosen solution, with regards to the triple constraints of Time, Cost and Scope. Critically reflect on the various forms of concept that could resolve the issue.
The word document attached consists of the SCOPE-TIME-COST which is already given for the opening of the mater fanchise of Princi in Frankfurt.
However, this chart has to be translated in a conversational way as a proper essay(this is the main body of this part to be developed in details but always looking at the word document given).
The chart has to be properly designed and included before or after the conversational description of it (for clarity purpose).
Word count 1500 words per student (excluding table of contents, references and relevant appendices).
· Candidates must comply with the recommended word count, within a margin of +/-10%. Word count excludes the index (if used), headings, information contained within tables, references, bibliography and appendices.
· Candidates should present their work professionally using tables and diagrams to support and/or illustrate the text. If candidates present all/most of their answer in tabulated form, the words used will be counted and the rules relating to word count, as indicated above, will apply.
A professional approach to work is expected from all candidates. Candidates should therefore:
· Identify and acknowledge all sources/methodologies/applications used. The candidate must use a Harvard referencing system to achieve this.Express their work in plain business English, a good standard of English will help express the candidates’ understanding more effectively.

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