International Political Economy

Topic: International Political Economy

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The essay questions is: when is Ecnomic Nationalsim prefarable to free trade?
The following attached are:
1- the word document draft: it is the paper that requires essential revision and editing.
2-Sample 1&2 are: essay samples that answer the same essay question required.
before you start, please make sure you read and analyize the 2 samples provided to have an idea on how you could fix and edit the research and contant provided.
the key instructions on revising the paper: make sure you establish static theortical background on both thoeries ( Ecnomic nationalsim and free trade ).
On the case study and imprical research to be implemented: take South Korea as an example to discuss in details when ecnomic nationalsim is preferable to free trade in the context of 1- economic development or 2- in the context
or protecting infant industries you can use either or both arguments.
For the case study to be of perfect relavant fit: you need to discuss why South Koreya resoted to EN polcies and found them more prefarbale ? how Free trade proved to be less prefarbale in the context that you will chose to argue for ? and how did the EN polcies work in the given context? what are the outcomes?.
Stick to the sources implemented in the provided samples and draft.
Deeply engage with the literature and thoeries to provide intact argument and even when coming to the case study part also make sure you combine thoery and empirial evidence to back up your argument.
Use a wide forms of in text citation ; do not stick to one form only : use qutations and make sure the citations and bibliogprahy are perfectly formated.
Instructions provided on the content of the porvided draft:
abid by the format provided and do the ncessary adjustments on the thoeries and concepts in addition to the case study that you will be providing .
delete the part on countering culture dultion as it may prove difficult to argue for how actually EN polcies worked for Canada.
replace the argument of infant industry by the case study that you be using.
please always refer to the 2 samples specially to sample 2 because is is exactly what I want my paper to be like in terms of the structure and analysis.

finally, the most importat thing is to make sure that the work provided have these aspects: deeply analytical ,engaging with the literature, strong thoeortical imparical based argument.Therfore the things that you need to avoide and i perosnally wont tolerate after my exprience with bad quility paper that I have been given is cursory examples and discriptive writing! .

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