International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurship

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Please choose one entrepreneur from Wang Jianlin (WanDa Group -China) or Sam Walton (Wal-Mart -US) to write this paper (3000 words).
There are 2 separate parts, please follow the structure and points below.

Part A – 2000 words (15 references)

The report required to construct a case study on an international entrepreneur from a country of their choice with a specific focus (see list below which you will allocate. E.g. If you are assigned technology entrepreneurship, you will find an international entrepreneur who is an entrepreneur also). And mentioned below points:

1. Who is your entrepreneur?
2. What dose he do?
3. What motivated him to set up the business?
4. What are the environmental/ family/ innovation theory? What influence his decision?
5. Discuss if he was born or made entrepreneur?
6. Use the Nascent Entrepreneurship model or Mcclelland’s theory of needs to analyse.
7. Are there any lessons learned ( success and failure)?

Part B – 1000 words (7 references)

Identify the main themes below emerging from the case study, and how the focal international entrepreneur (in part A) and their firm confirms or disconfirms the international entrepreneurship literature. For example, sb says technical entrepreneur has to be educated, but based on the discussion on part A, Bill Gates is not educated, therefore the theories that suggest us take entrepreneurs up to educated……so the theory do not support…

Indicative topics include:
1. Gender and international entrepreneurship
2. Family and international entrepreneurship
3. Financing international entrepreneurship
4. Technical international entrepreneurship
5. Social international entrepreneurship
6. Habitual international entrepreneurship
7. Ethnicity international entrepreneurship

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