International Commercial Law

International Commercial Law

Critically evaluate the pros and cons of an aspect or aspects of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement being negotiated between countries in the Asia Pacific Region based on information already available in the public domain. You have the option of focusing on a single aspect of the agreement or address several themes/issues so long as you can produce a coherent, sound and exhaustive essay. Possible themes to consider may include, but not limited to, investor/state dispute, intellectual property, market access, labour, environment issues etc…

Word limit: The word limit for the assignment is 2750 words. Please include your word count at the end of your essay. Your name and student identification are not included in your word count. Any footnotes used for citation purposes only are not included in the word count. Any sub-headings used are included in the word count.

Style and citation: Your assignment should be written in the style of an essay addressing all relevant legal questions. Footnotes are appropriate; a bibliography is not required. For this assignment citation footnotes will not be counted in the word limit; however, if it appears that you are using footnotes for part of your substantive argument these footnotes will be counted.

Citation: You are expected to adhere to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. The guide is freely available online. Follow this link:
Assessment criteria
11. The general objective of this assessment is to enable you develop an analytical and critical legal research writing skills. Specifically, you will be assessed for:
a. identifying, refining, analyzing and critiquing the legal issues
b. structuring a paper
c. finding relevant legal resources
d. sound analysis
e. good, clear writing (including different styles of writing required to address the question adequately—analytical, conceptual, comparative and descriptive)
f. proper citation and referencing using the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

Marks allocated for each component of your assessment would be:
a. Ideas/Substantive content- 20 marks
b. Organisation- 4 marks
c. Support/Referencing/AGLC- 4 marks
d. Style/Spelling/Grammar- 2 marks

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