International Business Strategy (REPORT)

International Business Strategy (REPORT)

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Business Strategy Outline Structure HSBC
1. Introduction and external forces (PESTLE, PORTER’S FIVE FORCES)
Questions to consider: What’s the business nature, customers, scope, services and portfolio, value for investors, risks for the company, competition?
Strategic planning and types of strategy (Henry Mintzberg)
Concepts and various frameworks to be used BCG matrix, portfolio theory.

2. Internationalization process
some question to consider:
how did they understand global markets, which entry strategies to consider? Competing across borders, factors affecting the entry model, making the transnational change, describe a particular issue concerning that’s company’s internationalisation strategy. The report should reflect a genuine strategy issue (not issues related specifically to marketing, HRM etc though elements of these issues may emerge in your research), etc.

3. Business level strategy
Cost leaderships, differentiation, focus + conclusion

Number 2 (in red) is my part that I need to cover. I only need to cover this part no more (Internationalization process) and please make sure you read the instructions from the professor. The professor is very strict and requires a very good paper with good and deep analysis. Als, he does not want anything unrelated to what he asked us to do.

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