International Business Management Entry Strategy (Germany)

International Business Management Entry Strategy (Germany)

At a minimum you must discuss:

– your chosen entry mode and why it was chosen over others
– why you expect this venture to be successful, the “S” and “W” of your SWOT
– the operational strategy and corporate objective
– the intended organisational design including the scope for expansion
– capital commitments and considerations (analytical discussion only – no numerical data is needed)
– discussion regarding staffing policy

A few things to note:

– This is NOT a marketing report! Rather, this report examines an entry strategy
– Research widely, using credible sources – these MUST be referenced
– Do not directly use cut or paste from your sources even if it is referenced. You WILL be marked down! Rewrite and reinterpret in your own words.
– DO NOT RECYCLE TEXT FROM ASSIGNMENT #1. You can discuss concepts raised but you MUST present this as new text and an extension of earlier ideas not just a repeat. Rewrite!

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