international business consultant

international business consultant

Take on the role of an international business consultant. Select a company with the intention to expand into
a specific country (this must be a different country than the one analysed in the group-based case study).
Using relevant theories,

concepts and tools covered in the course, analyse the company’s current operations and scope for expansion in a foreign market.
You are not

required to collect primary data, and there is no restriction on the company or industry selected.

Word limit is 2500 words (excluding

title page; executive summary; table of contents; reference list; and possible appendices).

Your report should include:

a description of

the company;

a description ofthe nature ofthe expansion;

an analysis ofthe business environment, and business and management practices of

the country concerned, using tools covered in the course; and

specific actions to implement the expansion, with justifications based on

relevant theories, concepts and analytical tools covered in this course.

In undertaking this Project, students are advised to collect at

least the following information:

Company name



Form of ownership, e.g. publicly-listed; family-owned

Nationality, e.g.


Total number of employees currently employed

The Country Chosen

General description, e.g. name, geographical location,

political system and stages of economic development

Key issues that may influence the proposed expansion, including:

The status ofthe

country concerned in the international trading and financial systems;

Opportunities and risks offered;

Internationalisation potential ofthe


People issues in the country concerned.

Specific Actions to Implement International Expansion:

Nature ofthe expansion I business

initiatives, e.g. business objectives, ownership, and industry clustering.

Resources needed from home and host countries and strategies to

obtain them, e.g. financial facilities, raw materials, labour supply and technology.

International business strategy and structure, e.g.

strategy to be pursued, structure ofthe local operation, and relationship with parent company or headquarters.
Management policies and


Finance for the new international expansionlbusiness initiative.

Activity schedule, i.e. action with specific time frame.

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