International Business – Coca Cola (Pump water brand)

International Business – Coca Cola (Pump water brand)

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1. Select one multinational corporation from the industry and country from your assignment one (Team assignment).
– Bottled Water industry in Australia
– Coca Cola corporation, focusing on the Pump brand

– Analyse the host country (some theories form this course will be useful)
– Explain and analyse the company’s action (which entry mode? how? Why? Partners? Any factors affecting the entry mode? The identified case should be from 2000 and onward.

3. Experience/lessons Learned
• What insights did you gain about international business in the contemporary context?

4. Reference List (is excluded from word counts)

1. The core of this assignment is to assess your level of mastery of the subject matters and your analytical skills in relation to foreign market and MNC’s entry modes. Being descriptive is NOT appropriate for this assignment.

2. Keep the Introduction short (maximum 300 words ) and focus on the analysis.

3. Do not perfrom PESTEL/SWOT/ five forces analysis in this essay.

4. This is an international business essay. Please avoid marketing points/analyses in this essay.

Not double spacing, but 1.5 spacing

Theories to possibly include:
– Foreign direct investment
– Uppsala model
– Dunning’s OLI Eclectic Paradigm
– Michael E Porter’s Diamond model
– Integration vs Responsiveness framework
– Born Global Concept
– Global Competitiveness Index

– Entry decision-making *modes and strategies
Additional focus on entry modes, how the company has expanded using which entry modes

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