International Business

Case study Report -IKEA’s Global Strategy
Information take from (Taken from Hill, C. W. L. (2019). International business (pp. 389-390) : competing in the global marketplace.) Hill, C.W.L.(2019). International business is the main learning material for this course.

  1. As a senior manager with IKEA, carry out a critical evaluation of the benefits, costs, and risks associated with doing business in Vietnam. (1000 words)
  2. IKEA has narrowed down its market entry mode (into Vietnam) to three options i.e. franchising; a joint venture with a host-country firm or setting up a new wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam. Critically evaluate these options. Which one would you recommend? (1000 words)
  3. Use Geert Hofstede study on international workplace culture to compare and contrast the cultures of Sweden and Vietnam. Discuss how cultural differences would influence business practices. (1000 words)
  4. Debate the relative merits of fixed and floating exchange rate regimes. From the perspective of IKEA, critically appraise the most important criteria in a choice between the systems. (1000 words)
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