International business

International business

Weighting: 25% of the final grade
Word Count: 3,000 words +/- 10% excluding references

Assignment Two requires you write a 3,000-word business report based on a case study. The objective of this assignment is to consolidate what you have learnt so far on

the course and to apply the knowledge in the “real” business world by presenting you with a case study of management decision making in international business.

This assignment is designed to assess your understanding of:
1.     different modes of market entry that have been adopted by Western firms for entering into countries in the Asia region;
2.     factors affecting a firm’s decision making process on the choice of a foreign market entry mode into a country in the Asia region; and
3.     impacts of entry modes on business practices and success

Learning Outcomes Being Assessed: Learning outcomes 1-4

Assignment Task
For the last three decades, the economies in Asia have been the most dynamic and have experienced the highest growth in the world. Multinational companies have

undertaken their operations in the Asia region in a variety of ways. Select a company from any developed country that has made a significant effort to enter a country

or countries in this region. Based upon secondary research, examine the business environment in the host country you have selected. Review the relevant theories on

foreign entry modes, then identify the mode(s) of entry that your case company adopted in that country, investigate and analyse the factors contributing to the

company’s decision on the choice of the entry mode(s), evaluate the advantages gained and the difficulties experienced by the investing company as a result of

implementing such a mode or modes, and discuss the lessons learned from the company’s experience on the choice of the entry mode(s).

Suggested Structure for Your Assignment of Business Report TABLE OF CONTENTS

List of Headings/Sub-headings and respective page numbers.

Introducing the topic to readers.
Literature review
Review the business environment of the country where the firm has been doing business as well as the relevant theories on foreign market entry modes including

advantages and disadvantages and impacts of entry mode decisions on business operations and success, etc.
Company analysis
Providing a concise analysis on your case company related to the specific topic you selected. Include a brief account of the firm, products and services, position in

its home country and in the country selected where it has been doing business.
Analysis and discussion
Comprise detailed analysis and discussion of the entry mode(s), factors contributing to the firm’s choice of the entry mode(s), advantages gained and difficulties

experienced as a result of adopting the entry mode(s).
Present your analysis in a logical, systematic way and divide the discussion material with subheadings if appropriate.
Conclusion and implication
Discuss the lessons learned from the experience and the implications of the firm’s experience to practice as well as the theories.
REFERENCE LIST ( 8 References at least)
APPENDIX (only if it is applicable to your report)


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