Interim Progress Report (IPR) Elaborate on the structure and content of your project:

Interim Progress Report (IPR)

Elaborate on the structure and content of your project:

•    Explain what will be in the project
•    How will the project be laid out step by step structure.

II. Discuss the scope, aims and objectives of your project. WEDS/28TH/NOV

•    Provide a clear and concise description of the problem domain of your
project. (Discuss the scope)

•    Define and discuss your project objectives.
•     If, as a result of your continuous research and work on the project, there has been any changes in the problem domain you also need to explain and justify

these changes.
•    justify changes in the problem domain by reflecting on findings from
•    compose a new or refined view of the problem domain (i.e. give a new
problem domain description);

•    Outline a new research method/approach and deliverables if applicable.
Changes in project objectives should also be discussed.
•    If the problem domain changes, you should state any new objectives.
•    However, if there are no changes in the problem domain, you may still have to change your project objectives, e.g. problems encountered and action taken may

trigger project objective changes. Consequently, you should state new or refined objectives and briefly justify them.
Note that your supervisor must agree with all the changes mentioned in this section.

III. Explain and justify the method/methodology/approach that you are adopting. THUR/29TH/NOV

•    Describe your chosen methodological approach to problem solving.
•    description of your approach should reflect upon all the activities undertaken to date, together with a breakdown of all the products you intend to deliver in

the future.
•    You also need to demonstrate awareness of available approaches and justify
appropriately your choice.

IV. Explain and justify the software/tools that you will use. FRI/30TH/NOV
•    Identify the tools or software packages that are going to be used in your project.
•    The choice of the tools or software packages should be appropriately reflected upon and justified.

V. Reflect how you have planned your work for the entire project to date. FRI/30TH/NOV

•    Reflect upon your schedule for all the activities described in the approach,
together with deadlines for the completion of each phase of your work.
•    You should utilise appropriate software, e.g. Microsoft Project, to demonstrate your schedule.

VI. Discuss issues related to project management to date. SAT/1ST/DEC

•    Discuss matters that have arisen as a result of your project management
such as achieving milestones, organising research, meeting deadlines and other
relevant issues.
•    The discussion should be made in view of the problems
encountered, their solutions and actions undertaken which address these problems.
Problems may be technical problems, lack of communication with clients, problems
detected when applying methodology/approach in their research, difficulties in
academic writing, obstacles emerging from the problem domain, difficulties in
obtaining literature needed or other relevant issues.
•    If you are sure there have been no problems in your work, you should write on your reflection on the success in research and in achieving project objectives,

which need no refinement or changes.
•    You should reflect on your solutions that have been or will be applied in order to address the problems stated. You should also state both previous action(s)

and any future activities that have to be taken in order to implement solutions.

VII. Evaluate your progress against the planned work to date. /2ND/3RD 4TH /DEC

•    As you have continued working on your project you will have monitored your progress closely against your schedule. This will involve identifying any issues

relating to your individual research/work
•    and comparing your original plan(s) as set out in your PID against your progress and analysing any discrepancies.

(You might also reflect on results of your individual research/work by briefly outlining –
all activities, deliverables and written parts of their project that are finalised) .

VIII. Discuss and provide evidence for the progress claimed to date. 5TH/ 6TH/ 7TH /DEC

You should discuss and reflect as well as prove with evidence your way of:
??Organising and conducting your research/work;
??Achieving milestones defined earlier as stated in your PIDs or in any other
documents such as emails;
??Meeting deadlines, which were agreed with your supervisor.

(Including some of the main interim results may provide the evidence for the above.
For example, a piece of prototype that has been developed, or analysis of some
data collected via a questionnaire devised by you.
Including the outcomes of your meetings with your supervisor that shows how much
you have progressed on your project may also provide the evidence above. If you do
not have such evidence you should contact your supervisor immediately.)

IX. Discuss and provide current and future reading lists and other research
materials. 8TH/ DEC

•    You should discuss and list all books, research papers and reports that have been and will be used in your research/work (if applicable).
•    This list should have the same format as the one adopted for the final project report reference list.

X. Analyse the impact of the supervised work on the progress of the project to
date. 8TH/ DEC

•    With concise statement(s), and from your own perspective, you should analyse how
supervised work has affected your work.


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