interesting topic

interesting topic

The topic proposal is the first step in preparing to write the analytical essay. In one to three substantive paragraphs (but no longer than a page), propose an argument (a “thesis”) that clearly states what you think is a plausible answer, which can be backed up with evidence, to the topic question or questions for the topic option you have chosen.

The topic proposal must be typed, double-spaced, and include your name, the course number, date, and the topic option you have chosen. Your topic proposal must also include a working title for your essay (be creative and original).
No outside reading or additional sources are necessary or permitted for this assignment. Historical context, biographical information, and relevant dates/chronologies can be found in the Backman textbook Cultures of the West and in the headnote before each individual document provided by the editors of the collection Sources for the Cultures of the West. The prohibition on outside reading is based on the requirement that I want to read your analysis and interpretation of the evidence, not someone else’s. This also means I do not want you to quote lengthy passages from the Backman textbook as a substitute for your own interpretation and analysis.

Chapter 24: “The World at War (Part I)” (pp. 188-200)

Topic Question:
How do these sources reveal Europeans’ fear that the forces of modern industrialized capitalism, as employed in World War I, had destroyed the foundations of a rational and peaceful civilization?

Sources: Treaty of Versailles, Angell, Keynes, Graves, Jünger

textbook: the cultures of the west (A history Volume 2: Since 1350) by Clifford R. Backman
you can choose the topic you feel you will do a good job in it because I will assign you to write the whole essay after the teacher OKs the proposal


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