Intelligent Imaging Solutions (IIS) image

Intelligent Imaging Solutions (IIS) image

Your case is to investigate the Intelligent Imaging Solutions (IIS) image and objectively report on the following:

1.    your determination of the IIS source code exposure, along with suspects and methods used for the exposure; and
2.    your determination of other suspicious and/or illegal activity within IIS.

This investigation should incorporate all previous knowledge gained in the previous CCSI courses including Digital Crime, Forensics I, and this course.

Your copy of FTK, which you downloaded and installed in the Week 1 Lab, will be used for the investigation. Since this is a senior-level course and the final course in the forensic track, your ingenuity, knowledge, professionalism, and resourcefulness are assumed.

Project Documentation

A properly prepared Forensic Report: This report will be used in criminal proceedings.  Remember that this is a professional report and will be graded as such so make it accurate, detailed, objective, professional, easy-to-read, and nice-looking.

During your investigation with FTK, you will be collecting information relating to your investigation and will be given the opportunity to save it in log files. If you consider these logs significant, attach them to the end of your final report as supporting documentation.

A Course Critique and Suggestion page is included at the end of this document and is required to be completed.

Grading and Requirements

The following list will be used as both project requirements and the grading rubric.

Final Project (200 points)

•    Use of proper forensic techniques and requirements (30 points)
o    This should allow someone to basically retrace your examination step-by-step.

•    Professional Report Presentation—format, grammar, spelling (20 points)

o    Follow the format in the template and do not change it. Your Detail section must be completed using the format provided in the examples.

•    Summary Section (25 points)

All investigation findings should be properly summarized.

•    Detail Section (20 points)

o    Explain why you start in a specific area and what led you to look at other places.
o    The details should be realistic and reflect what you actually did in your investigation.

•    Primary Investigation (65 points)

Your Summary and Details sections should provide the answers to the following questions, to the best of your knowledge.

o    What software was used on the machine? (15 points)
o    How was the source code disclosed? (15 points)
o    Who disclosed the source code? (15 points)
o    Who received the source code? (10 points)
o    When was the source disclosed? (10 points)

•    Other issues discovered during the investigation (40 points)
o    There is a lot of extra stuff out there, so take your time to make a thorough investigation—often it’s the small details that can make a difference. (20 points)
o    What system items might have been affected or changed? (20 points)

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