Intellectual Property

Address the following essay questions with 1-2 references per. 1. Please address the following as they pertain to Intellectual Property: a. What is Intellectual Property (IP) and how does counterfeit merchandise impact the U.S. economy? b. What safety and health concerns are posed by counterfeit products? c. How does IP theft pose an existential threat to national security?

  1. Discuss the action that prompted the “border control offensive” and made the issue of illegal immigration a priority.
  2. What are “Smart Borders”?
  3. How have the SMART Port Security, the SAFE Port Act, the Small Vessel Security Strategy, and the Marine Transportation Security Act impacted port security?
  4. Compare the similarities and differences of the external borders of New Europe with that of the U.S./Mexico border. Which of these (similarities/differences) have had the most positive or negative impact on border security?
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