Intel in operation management

Intel in operation management

Refer to the attached instructions paper for details,this is a operation management class and the writer should have a good background in operation management, should use the analytic tools mentioned in the attached instructions paper, should use real data and not speculations

Paper outline:

-Executive summary
-background on the company
-How we analyzed the issues (using 4tools)

The tools that I want you to use are:
1- Cause and effect

2- Process Chart

3-Learning curve:
4-Pareto chart:

The tools should show the improvement in the company processes, for example:
Intel is the world’s largest computer chip maker. Joe Foley, factory manager at Intel Fab Operations in Leixlip, Ireland, said: “Five years ago, it took us 14 weeks to introduce a new chip to our factory; now it takes 10 days. We were the first Intel factory to achieve these times using Lean principles.”

You can use the attached files as a reference, also you can use other references and you don’t have to stick with the attached references
Also you can use this book as a reference:
Operations Management: Processes and supply chains
Tenth Edition, by: Lee J.Krajewski, Larry P.Ritzman, ManojK.Malhotra
-Please assign a writer with operation knowledge and use real data

Word format, 12 font, double spaced
Use 1 “top, bottom, right, left margins

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