Integrated Management Project

Integrated Management Project

1- Assignment requirement
2- Assignment guide
3- Discussion document
4- Consultancy techniques (which is given to help in completing the work)

The following is the details on the paper structure:
Part A should consist total of 8000 words as follows:

Section 1: 4000 words.
Students should research an issue within an organization and make recommendations for its resolution. As the title of the unit suggests this should be an issue that

requires integration of a wide range of the areas that you have studied during your MBA.
This is a business report on the organization and the issue that you are investigating. You should cover the problem identified and propose solutions with a commentary

on issues around implementation. The individual report will identify an issue, research suitable data and produce recommendations including an implementation plan. You

should use the tools taught in strategic management to cover the key strategic facing the organization, its current strategy and recommendations for the future.
The nature of this section is to identify issues and provide practical solutions based on tools and frameworks that have been covered in the MBA. There is no need for

discussion of theory in this section.
Suggested Structure for section 1
Brief background to the company and its industry
Statement of the issue that you have identified
Note that this should not be a simple issue that requires a single solution such as poor marketing. It is one that requires an integrated solution and is therefore

likely to be strategic in nature.
Analysis if the factors that contribute to the issue
This section should use frameworks that analyse organizational issues. You will be expected to use appropriate tools and frameworks and use them properly to gain

Recommendations for an integrated solution to the issue
You should make use of the appropriate frameworks mentioned above to recommend appropriate solutions to the issues that have been identified. These should not be based

on your opinion but must be supported by the frameworks you have used.
Section 2: 4000 words.
This is an academic commentary on the literature that you used to solve the business problem. The review should take into account the most up to date articles. It

should also be critical. You should use academically rigorous sources rather than popular websites. We recommend at least 30 articles. References should follow the

Harvard style. You are therefore expected to have conducted a wide ranging search of literature relating to the techniques for identifying and solving organizational

issues. Please note that you are expected to use materials that are from serious and recognized academic sources. The sort of ‘quick fix’ advice that is available from

the internet is utterly inappropriate and unacceptable.

Suggested structure for section 2
Review of the literature of methods used with which to analyse the issue
Do not merely produce a list the methods used followed by an explanation of their use. You should produce a review that discusses the appropriateness of the methods

used and discusses research conducted into their application in a variety of contexts. This may involve you examining some of the recognized weaknesses of the methods

(remember none are perfect and there will be discussion in the literature about this).
Review of the literature of theory and frameworks used for providing a ‘solution’ to the issue


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