Instructions for the Examination

Instructions for the Examination
This examination is worth 95 Points. There are two parts. Part A is worth 55 points. Part B is
worth 40 points. (There are 5 points available for class participation, which i assign in my
Be sure to read the questions and facts carefully so that you have a full understanding
before you begin writing. Sometimes creating a diagram will help you avoid mistakes. You
may insert diagrams in your answers if it would help you explain your answer more easily.
You should have enough time to complete this examination in no more than seven hours if
you write concisely.
Do not provide full case citations but do include shorthand references to case names. Be
sure in your answers to cite to the applicable USC, FRCP, and treaties as authority for your
Federal Question jurisdiction is NOT part of the examination. Do not include it in your
analysis or answers.
None of these questions should be answered with a simple yes or no. Even if the answer is a
yes or no, you need to give the explanation why. If there is not enough information in a
question, you need to explain what information you would need to know to answer the
question and how the outcomes are different depending on the information and why.
Although you have two weeks in which to complete the exam, I suggest that you spend no
more than seven hours writing your responses. I want to give you some time to review your
class notes and consider your answers, but this exam should NOT take you all week to write.
Part A asks you about the laws and rules and it is straightforward. These are “right or wrong
answers”. Part B asks you to apply some of them in a hypothetical case. Here your
conclusions may differ but there are specific analytical framework(s) that should be applied.
You may not discuss the questions on this exam with anyone. No collaboration of any
kind is allowed at any stage during this exam.

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