• Essays should be submitted online by the due date using THIS LINK.
• Remember to keep a copy of your assignment.
• Please refer to the essay rubric and assignment checklists on Study Desk.
• Your essay should make use of secondary research materials.
Task: Write an essay in response to one (1)of the following essay topic choices.
Your essay should demonstrate evidence of having been researched using the
research skills taught in this course, and must be referenced in MLA style. A
minimum number of five (5) scholarly sources should be included in your list of
Works Consulted, and you should reference each of these sources at relevant points
in your essay. Sources you may use but NOT count toward these five include
dictionaries, glossaries, and historical websites. Sources you should not use at all
include School/Education websites, Wikipedia and Sparknotes or Cheatnotes.
Your essay will consist of a response to one of these topics, with reference to any
two of “The Dancing Men,” “The Blind Banker, “ one of the required Edgar Allen Poe
stories, and/or Wuthering Heights.
1. Compare how your two chosen texts use secrets and silence to enhance the
narrative. To what extent is a key component of good narration not what is
said, but what is not said? How are the literary features of the text, including
characterisation, setting, point of view used to delay or defer revelation? (Don’t
try and cover all these features, concentrate on ones that best support your
2. To what extent is revenge rather than love the most important premise on
which your two chosen texts build key thematic preoccupations and narrative
tensions? Discuss with reference to your two chosen texts.
3. Consider the importance of EITHER race OR social class to your narrative. To
what extent can the politics of Empire be said to have influenced the story, and
how do the literary features of the text including character, voice, narrative
gaps, setting, contribute to this interpretation? (Don’t try and cover all these
features, concentrate on ones that best support your argument).

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