Inspecting Teacher Liability; Slander & Libel; Child Abuse & Neglect and Copyright Law

Inspecting Teacher Liability; Slander & Libel; Child Abuse & Neglect and Copyright Law

For this task, School Personnel and School District Liability in your textbook and familiarized yourself with the links related to teacher liability, slander and

libel, teachers obligation to report child abuse and neglect, and copyright law. Taking what you have learned in this Activity; for this next task, take on the role of

a school administrator who is addressing a group of new teachers.

For this orientation, you will create a PowerPoint presentation informing new teachers of critical areas to be made aware of and potential areas to avoid in their

teaching careers in regard to school personnel and school district liability. The following are some suggested elements which may be used in the presentation:
When may a teacher be found personally liable for injury to a student?
What actions may a teacher take to prevent personal legal litigation?
What is the difference between slander and libel and how are damages assessed and various types of damages?
What are the reporting procedures for child abuse and neglect in your state? What penalties may be imposed upon a teacher who fails to report suspected child

What are the rules for fair use for printed material? When may a teacher use copyrighted materials? What steps could a district take to avoid copyright

The presentation should share the potential risks teachers may experience from using social media site and the possible liability of posting comments on a social

media site.
Are a teacher’s comments posted on their social media page private and protected by freedom of speech?
Can a teacher be held liable for comments made on a social media site?
Can a district take action against a teacher in such a situation?
Helpful hint: To enhance the presentation you may wish to select a media article from your state which emphasizes the potential dangers of teachers interacting

with students on social media sites or posting comments on such social media sites.

For additional PowerPoint assistance, visit NCU’s Successful PowerPoint presentations.

Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or

bulleted lists.


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