Inquiry 2 Annotation Draft

Inquiry 2 Annotation Draft

Your “Final Inquiries” folder in your “Private Folder”; title the document “Annotation Drafts”; keep this document separate from your final Annotated Bibliography (you should copy and paste your drafts onto your final Annotated Bibliography and finish editing them there).
Required Length:  100 word minimum per annotation draft

Each rough draft of an annotation should be at least 100 words.  In the draft, you should properly cite the source in MLA format (not included in 100 words) and begin to summarize, assess, and reflect on the source.  Use the Annotated Bibliography Assignment Prompt for more information on what to include in an annotation.  I recommend that at the rough draft level, you focus on summary and begin to move toward assessment and reflection, but the latter two do not have to be fully developed yet.

To write a rough draft of an annotation, you should have completely read shorter sources, conducted at least a focused skimming of longer sources–paying extra attention to introductions and conclusions, and at least read through the introduction and skimmed relevant chapters/conclusions/indexes of book length sources.  You will need to have read the sources more attentively by the time the final Annotated Bibliography is due and have read them completely and comprehensively by the time the paper in Part B is due, so if you want to spread out your reading a little more, it is a good idea to be more thorough at the rough draft stage.

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