Innovative marketing communications campaign


You have been tasked with developing an innovative marketing communications campaign for the re-brand of your chosen product or service from assessment

Develop an Integrated Campaign.
The following structure should be adhered to when executing your campaign.

1. Give two reasons for rebranding the chosen product/service.
2. Define the objectives of the “rebrand” integrated campaign. This should include informed projections based on research.
3. Proposed IMC plan: new segmentation, target & positioning strategy.
4. Discuss the message appeal strategy & executional framework you are going to implement highlighting how this is different from the current strategy.
5. Develop your visually creative campaign utilising two IMC tools, explaining why you chose each tool; one being an enabled technology and one offline. (please ensure your enabled technology component is private and not available for public viewing)
6. Launch of campaign” (When, Where & How you would go about launching the campaign)
100 marks

Presentation style for the written component.
? PDF format only.
? Open a Trello account for your group, and add your lecturer to it. (
? Cover page: Assignment title, module name, student name & numbers, word count.
? Table of contents.
? Font Style: Times New Roman.
? Font Size: Headings 12 bold (left aligned) Body Text 12 plain (justified).
? Line spacing 1.5.
? Page numbering: Bottom of Page (Footer) Right Alignment.
? Text justified.
? Harvard Referencing System* to be used throughout the assignment

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