Innovation management


• The scenario: You just completed your undergraduate studies and managed to land your first job at a large company (Pick your own firm).

• Upon meeting your line manager, she was fascinated to hear that you have done a course on Innovation Management and said excitingly that she’s just thought of your first task!

• The managing director of the company recently mentioned in a meeting the need to capture good ideas for new products/services and improving processes that may originate from within or outside the company.

• Currently the company has got no system in place to do this and it was something that they should think of implementing in the near future.

• The problem is that nobody in the company has any experience or knowledge in this regard


Your task is to write an report of no longer than 2,000 words in which you advise them regarding best practice on idea management.

• You should also propose which system(s) they might use and why,

• Define what type of ideas your organization is looking for

• How best to manage these ideas.

Marking Structure

Marking structure: Item Mark Standard of presentation, structure, and references 15

Introduction (purpose, setting the scene), and conclusion 15

Scope and level of depth of overview on the topic 25

Justification for choice of ideation system 20

Quality of recommendations and steps for implementation 25

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