Informative Speech Preparation

In an informative speech, your goal is to reveal something about the world, teach the audience something,

or clarify/elaborate on an object, subject, or idea. You may talk about anything that interests you, but you

have to obtain instructor approval and it cannot be a persuasive speech (including claim, judgment, or

policy position).

Outline : creating one during this topic to ensure successful completion of the Informative Speech


Overview: Deliver an informative speech of 5-7 minutes that would be interesting to your peers. Include a

visual aid that will help create interest in your topic. Use a powerpoint presentation. Be sure to include


Delivery: You may use notecards with a speaking outline (not a working outline! You should only have key

words or phrases on the cards) DO NOT READ your speech.

Visual Aid: You need four to seven slides (depending on how many main points you have – one per main

point, introduction, conclusion, and reference slide). There should be a picture on every slide and limited


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