information system project management

information system project management

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Section/Part 2 (Project Problems)
Problem 5 – Please replace names and rates provided in the ‘assignment problems’ document with the following ones:

Amanda Lewis = £160
Richard Dingle = £175
Gordon Willis = £285
ASSIGNMENT REPORT From Week 5 – independent study.

During seminars 5 – 12 students will work through the various project management activities, gathering related documentation [i.e. Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams ]

and prepare a written report specific to the project scenario. The report will contain three parts as set out in sections 1-3 below. All sections carry equal marks.

The report must be submitted for assessment in week 12 [last week of term 1] via Izone.

Section 1 involves the following activities:

(a) Students will be provided with profiles of employees, their related cost and availability.
Analysing this data they are required, referring to Belbins theories and strategies, to select
an appropriate Project Team. They are required to critically evaluate the staff profiles and
put forward a rationale to support their team selection.

(b) Calculate an initial estimated Project Cost of the chosen team

(c) Produce an initial Gantt Chart and Network Diagram that detail and explain the tasks and
their dependencies on the Critical Path. Students can refer to, but are not restricted to use,
the suggested Team Mix and Project Schedule provided and may put forward their own
justified versions.

Section 2

From week 8 a series of ‘unexpected’ problems that affect the proposed project planning will occur that students [in the role of Project Manager] must manage. For

example, employees experiencing availability problems, changing costs, restructure of project priorities and so on. Students are required to detail how they as Project

Manager managed the problems experienced and implemented changes as appropriate, what actions they took and why. This will require them to recalculate the project

costs and produce a second set of amended documents i.e. Network Diagram, Gantt Chart and Critical Path and any other relevant issues that they identify. Each problem

should have sufficient underpinning rationale of the solution provided.

Section 3

Students [in the role of Project Manager] must select an appropriate system development approach for the proposed project from the range of development approaches

discussed in the lecture sessions. Students must critically justify their choice and outline briefly how the discarded approaches are unsuitable. Students are required

to present evidence of independent research through references and citations that includes journals and books. Evidence of critical analysis and review of current

literature is essential. Please note : there is a limit on the amount of e-referencing allowed. Only 20% of the total references may be websites/internet based.


This coursework will comprise 50% of the overall module marks.

These marks are awarded only providing a report is submitted as detailed above. Late assignments will be awarded a mark of 0% unless you complete a mitigating

circumstances form and it is accepted by the mitigating circumstances committee (as outlined in the Academic Handbook).

Where it is suspected that unfair practice, such as plagiarism or collusion, has occurred in relation to the submitted assignment the procedure outlined in the

Academic Handbook will be followed.


Those used will be the generic taught Bachelor’s degree assessment and grading criteria as found in the Academic Handbook (Table A of section 04.3 of the Academic

Handbook which may be found here:

An adapted summary is provided below:

Borderline Pass 35-40%

Adequate team selection
Completion of tasks and activities provided
Some project plan documentation
Has attempted a solution to the problems presented
Little or no evidence of research or critical analysis
No referencing

Third Class 40-50%

All of the above criteria plus
Solutions offered are reasonable
Responds to difficulties experienced (at some level)
Offers at least one solution to problems provided
Majority of relevant documentation presented in report [Network Diagram, Gantt Chart, identification of Critical Path]
The report should contain
i) an introduction to the assignment
ii) an analysis of the problem
iii) attempted justification of solutions proposed
iv) documentation of completion of some of the tasks and activities provided
v) evidence of some analysis of IS development approaches

Lower Second 50-60%

All of the above criteria plus
Evidence of quality of solutions presented in at least one area
Some provision of alternative solutions
Some justification of solutions presented
Some identification of the risks involved
Reasonable attempt to conform to report format
Limited referencing
The report should also contain
i) aims and objectives appropriate to the case study scenario
ii) table of contents, Biblio/Reference List
iii) some errors and typos
iv) application of critical analysis of IS development approaches

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