Inform Sys 2&3

Inform Sys 2&3

Order Description
Hi writer, as discussed in messages on previous order where you completed assignment 1 for this topic, this order contains two assignments with different due dates, however are linked as part 1 and 2 so appropriate to send in one order.

I have uploaded the assignment details in a PDF document.

Please complete ‘Assignment 2’ within the 10 day period, and I can provide an extended timeframe for ‘Assignment 3’.

The feedback I got from the first assignment you previously completed was that it did not use enough of the learning content from this unit. I have uploaded all 6 weeks learning contents and ask that you please implement much of the paper in line with what is being taught in the unit.

Secondly, the assessor mentioned that the assignment details need to be read carefully and strictly followed. Again, I have uploaded the assignment details and ask that the instructions are very carefully followed to ensure these two papers are successful.

Please let me know if you need any further details to assist.

Topic Textbook Used: Managing Information Systems, 10th Edition – 2011, O’Brien, J. A. & Marakas, G. M.

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