Reflection Paper 1:

A global perspective on Philadelphia Community Based Organizations
Create an Infographic based on your in-class civic engagement placement and the global issue that the community based organization (CBO) works to change.  (So if you worked at Squash Smarts your global issue could be either Urban Education, Poverty, Physical Fitness, or possibly even Diversity in Athletics)

Be creative and compelling and make sure your story answers the following:

•    What type of civic engagement were you/is your service site involved in?
•    What is the larger social issue that this type of engagement connects to?
•    Why does it matter?
•    What is the impact (on you or on others)?

Include these elements:
•    4 photos or images;
•    4 numbers (stats, data, trends);
•    2 quotes from leaders in this type of civic engagement work or others served/assisted/impacted by this work; and
•    An overview of the global issue, and your CBO’s role in that issue.
What should it look like?  It’s totally up to you but I’m imagining:
•    An Infographic (using an online tool (, Picktochart or handmade);
•    An annotated photo journal;
•    A Pinterest page;
•    Comic book; or
•    Visual blog like a glogster
If the piece has an online component please also e-mail me the link.
You must cite all of your sources including photos and data.  Be sure to use your own words for this assignment.

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