Indivual paper

Indivual paper

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Had a field trip to Visiting Becton Dickinson Corporation and hearing a presentation by the ethics complaince officer (The visiting NOTE will be attached for you). Be sure to check out their company website before the visit to get an overview of the business ( In your write-up, address the following
1. Describe the culture at your field trip company.
2. Discuss how the company’s culture encourages employees to behave ethically or might encourage unethical behavior.
3. Offer your recommendations on how the values and norms of the company (company culture) could be changed to encourage more ethical behavior. Note: even highly ethical companies have opportunities to enhance their cultures.
4. Explain, with some specific examples, how the company could use its informal systems to accomplish the culture change you have recommended.
5. Finally, discuss what you have learned from the field trip, the group presentation and the preparation of your individual paper. How have these assignments deepened your understanding of ethics and ethical behavior? What have you learned about working in a group and behaving ethically toward your team, your class and your professor?

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