Individual Reflective Piece (20% to be submitted at the end of the course)

Individual Reflective Piece (20% to be submitted at the end of the course)

As detailed above, this is the final element of your assessment and will be submitted after Easter – after you have finished all of the problems for this course.  You will submit a 1000 word individual reflective piece on Turnitin. You should follow the questions below as a guide.  The word limits give you a rough idea of how you should structure this piece.  However you shouldn’t feel that you need to stick rigidly to this; if you want to, for example, say more about how you will apply skills in the future and less about how you felt once you had completed the process, this is fine!
1)    Briefly describe the approach you took to each of the problems.  Did you think that was effective or not and why? (approx 300 words)

2)    How did you feel before you started each task and how did this differ from a) task to task and b) from the beginning to the end of the task? (approx 100 words)

3)    What have you learned about development in adolescence, adulthood and older adulthood during this module?  What were the bits you found most/least interesting and why?  What (if anything) surprised you and why? (approx 300 words – include at least 4 citations to literature here)

4)    What skills have you learned/developed throughout this module and how have these developed?  (NB: this can include learning that you’re not so good at something and need to improve in the future as well as learning that you’ve improved a lot at something) (approx 100 words)

5)    Imagine that you were able to go back in time to the start of this module.  What advice would you give yourself and why?  How could you apply this advice in your future study/career/everyday life? (approx 100 words)

6)    Is there anything else you feel you need to reflect on? (max 100 words)

References (in APA format)

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