Individual Reflection

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I have done MSc. Management with Finance. My subjects include
1: Accounting and Decision Making
2: Leadership and Change Management
3: Knowledge Management and Infirmations system Strategy
4: Operations Management and Service Excellence
5:Enterprise Risk Management
6: Corporate Finance
7: Private Equity and Venture Capital
8: Financial Enterprenurial Initiatives
9: Conpettitive Intelligence
10: Academic and Career skills (Research project/business report)
You have to write contribution made towards MSc. Program whatbare highlights and lowlights what are my struggles what is my employability at the beginning and what it is now towards the end.
My career development.
As I have a BABY so please write how U managed with him.
My business report was in Nike Inc.
Please read the attached file/picture the assessment brief thoroughly and please write whatever is required.

You have to write a report based on individual reflection on my masters program. Please read the assessment brief carefully before writing. Also read the instructions which I have sent to the previous writer. Please do not write it as too descriptive basically you have to write as your personal experiences in the whole Masters program. You have to use one theory its upto you whatever you can used but just don’t erite thay it fix it but also explains how?? Ecplain everything considering theory. I have done MBA already so please don’t mention anything about it. My current masters is MSc. Management with Finance my subjects includes: Accounting and decision making Leadership and change management Knowledge management and information systems Operations management and service excellence Enterprise risk management Corporate finance Private equity and venture capital Financial enterprenurial initiatives You don’t have to mention each and every subject from above i dont like finance subjects as i find it difficult i tired to change my finance with project management but unable to do so due to rules and regulations of my university so you can mention that in assessment. I have failed the financial enterprenurial initaive subject in my first attemp thats why i hate that subject you can mention that as well. From above i liked leadership and change management., operations management, enterprise risk management i have enjoyed these subjects i got distinction in operations management so you can mention that as well. You have to give reasons of each and every statement you made. If my favourite what?? Why?? So what?? Now what?? You have to answer accordingly. You have to write my srengths, challanges, skills everything about my whole program. I have a baby as well so you can me tion how hard it was for me to manage with him. Plus i have made my reasearch report on Developing leadership at Nike Inc. you have to mention that as well. Please please read the assessment brief carefully so you can understand what else you have to write. If any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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