Individual Professional Practice Report

Individual Professional Practice Report

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Individual Professional Practice Report
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Please, read these points carefully and accurately before start working on this academic report.
• First of all, this assignment is 1800-1900 words report + 125-150 words Executive Summary. The total will be 1925-2050 words.
• The writer should understand the writing style and requirements in the UK universities.
• The writer should use at least 15 relevant references (please see references in Handbook).
• The writer should follow the Assessment Criteria for report accurately.
? The writer should add at least 6 appendices to support the report (most of appendices will be uploaded with the order, and writer should add some other appendices).
? The report title is: Individual Professional Practice Report.
? The report parts: This report should be completed in three sections ( 600 words each section):
Part One
? i. Provide a brief personal background, with reference to your previous educational, employment and any other relevant experience.
? ii. Identify your academic, professional and personal objectives. You may wish to explore these with reference to a specific timeframe and using SMART criteria.
Part Two
? i. With reference to wider reading, critically examine the processes of ‘learning’ and ‘reflection’ and examine the usefulness of these concepts in professional

development planning.
? ii. With reference to your earlier objectives, prepare a personal SWOT analysis and explain the reasoning behind it.
? iii. Complete the HR Professions Map questionnaire (as examined in the seminar) and include as an appendix. Provide a short explanation of your HR Professions Map in

the discussion in the main assignment and link this to the SWOT analysis.
Part Three
? i. With reference to your objectives and SWOT, prepare a Personal Development Plan over a set timescale, again using the SMART criteria, identifying specific actions

and desired outcomes to a set timescale.
? ii Provide conclusions and recommendations that make reference to key learning outcomes and the most important future action for personal consideration.
? iii. Include a personally completed assessment criteria (blank version below) as an appendix. None of the appendices will contribute to the word count.
Please see uploaded files for:
1- Assignment details.
2- My Future Career and I (presentation).
3- Unit Handbook.
4- Service Certificate.
5- Statement about the work experience.
6- Work Placement Report.


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