Individual Assignment: Review of psychological state of consumer behaviour

Individual Assignment: Review of psychological state of consumer behaviour

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Individual Assignment: Review of psychological state of consumer behavior

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o 2. Demonstrate how knowledge of consumer behaviour concepts can be used to develop superior marketing practices and managerial capabilities;
o 3. Develop an in-depth understanding about the relevance of consumer behavior for marketing professionals, practitioners and organizations;
o 4. Develop capabilities to analyses recent trends in consumer behavior and apply them to various business scenarios;
o 5. Demonstrate how various communication tools affecting consumers and their impact on the behaviors of individuals;

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Each student will be required to write a report related to the psychological state of consumers’ which influences to behave differently from one consumer to another. Students are requested to download at least 5 articles from the different Journals (see journal list, in additional unit resources) related to any (ONE) of the following field of interests.

• Consumer attitude
• Motivation
• Perception
• Emotion
• Personality and or lifestyle
I really like to chose one of the red topics above but if you think you have another chose let me know . please chose only one area from the above options for example if you choose motivation , you can chose motivational conflicts only because motivation is very broad topic. and find 5 academic journal articles related to that topic and review all the articles based on the analysis below. please inform me which topic and specific you will chose before started doing the assignment. I can also help you to find the journal article.. My friend he chose Brand personality in personality topic so don’t do it only I want to show you how it could work .. Also remember all topics and articles must related to consumer behavior. and you can chose specific topic in different area such as tourism, retail, research after collecting the articles you can compare, contrast and summaries them. everything must be accurate. . I will provide you with lecture slides of these topic and you can mention one specific topic in there. I also Found good example of how to write compare and construct report /

An individual student will be required to read and write a detailed review report of the articles during the semester. The students are required to identify the main issues in the articles and relate it to specific relevant consumer behavior area and comment on the implications of the findings for developing a strategy to manage consumers. In particular, students are expected to focus and summaries on the following in their report:

• A summarized brief background of the reviewed articles (10%)
(One or two sentence(s) about the background of the report in terms of what the report about and what this report integrates, then outline the summarized brief background of the reviewed articles, common background can be referred together with references and uncommon background of the articles can be referred individually)
• The scope and objectives of the reviewed articles (10%)
(Report common scope and objectives together and uncommon individually with references from the reviewed articles)
• Methodology followed in collecting information in the reviewed articles (20%)
(A table/template will be uploaded on attachments and you need to refer the content and analysis of the table in the text)
• Major findings of the articles (20%)
(Report the major findings/what they/author/study found in their analysis)
• Draw implication for consumer behavior theories and practices from the reviewed articles (15%) (You need to bring the implications from the review and outline the directions for the practicing managers)
• Limitations of reviewed articles with references (10%)
• Your conclusions from the review (10%)
• Reference and bibliography (any style but uniquely followed in the whole document) (5%)

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