Individual Assignment on Cultural Differences

Individual Assignment on Cultural Differences
In this assignment, I need you to answer several questions that my professor gave me in a Word document and submit it to me.

Choose one country outside of the United States to answer the following questions:

1: The text material that I uploaded for you explains several culture value frameworks (e.g., Hofstede’s, Trompanaar’s, Project Globe) that help distinguish one
culture from another. Choose one of the frameworks and describe at least five of the values. Explain how each value impacts behavior in the country that you have
chosen (1-2 paragraphs per value). You may find the website “” helpful for this assignment.

2: Are there approaches for MNCs (Multinational Corporations) (e.g., employee relations, leadership styles, management practices, employment practices, motivation
techniques, etc.) that work well in the United States that will also work well in other cultures? If so, identify and describe two and explain what cultures they
would work well in and explain why.

3: In most cases, local managerial approaches must be modified for doing business overseas. Describe three specific examples that support this statement.

Please Note! All the photos that I upload are required reading material before you come up with any answer.

Please provide comprehensive answers to the above questions. Use information from the text materials that I uploaded, videos (here is a video that I need you to watch
“”), websites and your own research. Cite any sources you used (include them in the body of your answers as well as in the bibliography),
including the one I gave you “”. Cite at least 5 sources. Please include the question number as well as the question prompt before providing your

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