Individual Analysis and Reflection

Individual Analysis and Reflection

1. Improve self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses;

2. Develop a more in-depth understanding ofthe academic literature in a class-related topic area

3.CriticaIIy reflect on the personal relevance of class-related topics

4. Develop graduate capabilities related to written communication, critical thinking, and inquirylresearch.


2) Identify one specific class-related skill or topic area that you believe you personally need to improve. Research the academic literature about this
skillltopic. Critically reflect on how this skill or topic area affected you while completing the tutorial group presentation (Assessment1).[PS. my group presentation topic is Virtual teams]

3) Summarise your research and analysis in an essay of no more than 1500 words.

Include the following information:

a. Title Page (not included in word count)

Include your full name and student id number, the subject

code and assignment title, your

tutor’s name, and dateltime your tutorial meets.

b. Introduction and Conclusion:

Include a separate

introduction and conclusion paragraph. The introduction should be a relatively brief and engaging introduction to the topic and should also
briefly outline the contents of your paper. The conclusion should include a brief summary ofthe paper’s major points and concluding

c. Academic Analysis of your Topic:

Summarise and critically analyse the academic literature on your topic. For example,


is the predominant theory or model in this area? What aspects ofthe skillltopic are unknown and require further study? Are there any
controversies or mixed findings about the topic? How is this skillltopic related to other class-related topics? How does the skillltopic
affect work or relationship outcomes? Etc.

Important Note 1: A single paper of approximately 1500 words cannot and should not address
everything related to the skillltopic you identify. You should discuss a few issues in-depth rather than attempt to cover a lot of issues
superficially. Your paper should be a critical analysis and integration ofthe main issues you identify.
Important Note 2: Your analysis

must be clearly linked to relevant academic theory and research. You may use your textbook and articles from class as a starting point, but
you are expected to read additional academic sources to develop your analysis. You must research and include reference to at least 5
academic, peer-reviewed journal articles not provided in class. These articles should be relevant to the topic, contemporary (i.e.,
published in the last 5 years), and high quality (e.g., published in journals ranked by the Australian Business Dean’s Council or
Australian Research Council as A*, A, or B).Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment.
Remember to appropriately cite in-text ALL references that you use. Follow the style guidelines for Academy of Management Journal.

Critical Reflection:

Reflect on how this skillltopic area affected interactions and outcomes in your tutorial
group presentation

(Assessment 1)
Briefly describe a relevant experience while preparing your tutorial group presentation.
Based on your academic analysis, what could you have done differently? What can you do better in the future? What have you learned from the experience? How can you improve your ability in the skillltopic area in the future? Etc.

Ensure that the critical reflection applies your academic analysis and clearly links the skilllarea that you analysed in point c to the group experience you describe.

e. References (not included in word count):


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