Indigenous Australian Cultures

Indigenous Australian Cultures

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This essay is 1500 words in Australian grammar and spelling. I will upload all the necessary information that must be read. An essay of 1500 words addressing the following question : In what ways have Indigenous Australian peoples resisted the non-Indigenous occupation of Australia and policies imposed upon them?

cover the period from 1770 to approximately 1970.

Explain the following stages of Australia’s shared history and discuss Indigenous Australian resistance in each:
1) the colonial frontier
2) protection
3) segregation
4) stolen generations
each era must include an example from an identified language group or person.
Essay should be in essay format. Include introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.
Write in the third person: avoid the use of “I”
8 references sources in total 6 required or recommended from the readings provided in the uploads. Must cite and reference 2 additional sources , must be academic standard.
Do not reference Creative Spirits, Wikipedia, Skwirk/Red Apple as these are unreliable sources.

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